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Opinion: Why The $100,000 Harvest Finance Bounty Is Absurd

Only if we put ourselves in the shoes of the attacker can we find a possible angle of negotiation in a bid to recover more from the 13 million USDC and 11 million USDT that were profited from the arbitrage scheme.Although the Harvest Finance team has acted responsibly in the face of an unprecedented-to-the-project crisis, their bounty reward initiative is naive.
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Ethereum’s Market Structure Suggests Move to $3,600 Could be Brewing

niketh vellanki QkSN 8XcXwQ unsplash
Ethereum is seeing some technical weakness today despite the strength seen by Bitcoin Some bearish events within the DeFi sector may be contributing to this, including a massive smart contract exploit that cost investors millions This has caused it to see some notable underperformance of Bitcoin throughout the past 24 hours Despite this short-term technical weakness, one analyst is still noting that the bull case is growing stronger each day He notes that a move
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